Healthy Family

Healthy Families, Joyful Lives

This path acknowledges that your health doesn’t happen in a vacuum and you want to invite your family to join you in becoming healthier.

1. Family History Gathering

First we’ll capture a general idea of family habits, norms and desired changes. From there, together as a team, we’ll establish goals and commitments from each member of the family to feel successful in the journey towards positive outcomes.

2. Keep it Real & Fun

It’s not going to work if it’s not realistic, and it’s definitely not going to work if the family isn’t having fun. As a wife and mom of two, I’ve found it beneficial to identify each person’s strengths, contributions and desired areas of growth. We all learn and love in a unique way. The more we can respect each other’s best selves, the more powerful we become individually and together!

3. Health Goals For the Win!

Making health goals a game with challenges and rewards creates positive energy everyone can enjoy. Change can be scary, but we all love a challenge with a reward worth working for. Together, we’ll identify desired outcomes, efficient schedules that work for the whole family, and rewards that are motivating to each person.

Taking care of your family means a healthier you too!