Speaking Engagements

Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event or meeting?

“I’m passionate about customizing each presentation individually to your audience, and leaving you with takeaways that can be readily implemented into your regular practice. I speak on topics related to health, wellness, empowerment, self-love, principles of self-care, and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits. I can present any of my talks as keynotes or workshops.”

Sandy is based in Plymouth, Indiana and is able to travel.

Nutrition for Life

Nutrition 101: How to Read and Understand Food Labels

Nutrition 102: Understanding Portions

Integrating Nutrition for Athletes

Implementing Quality Nutrition without Breaking the Bank

Cooking Classes

How to Do a Sugar Detox: Stop sugar cravings, and lose weight in the process!

Movement that Feels Great

Stretching, Mobility and Recovery: Techniques for Optimal Performance

Desk Stretches Demo

Yoga for Your Busy Lifestyle

At-Home Exercises Demo

Exercises for Travelers

Low-Impact Exercises for Injury Prevention and Recovery

Integrating Exercise into Your Routine

Tips on How to Move More and Sit Less

General Wellness

Getting Clear on What You Want in Life

Self-care Habits and How To’s

Managing Your Personal Finances

How to Beat the Afternoon “Slump”

Realistic Goal-Setting for a Better Life

Stress Management

Ways to Manage Stress and Still Meet Deadlines

Get Unplugged: Meditation & Mindfulness Training

How to Improve Your Sleep

Home Life

How to Create Enhanced Environments: Inspire creativity and productivity at work

Becoming a Team Player at Work and at Home

Strategies for Encouraging Teamwork

Setting and Reaching New Goals for Your Relationships

Your Best Partnership Ever

Learn to love yourself more than ever before.